Holiday Season Special Offers

Matchaland gives you 50% discount on every purchase of our specialty cakes.

Matchaland Signature Velvet Cake

matchaland signature velvet cake

Matcha Layered Cake

christmas layer cake matchaland

Matcha Strawberry Roll

Christmas strawberry roll matchaland

Matcha Cherry Chocolate

cherry roll cake

Validate until the end of this December. Hurry up, grab our cakes and have a matcha holiday sensation!


What’s on Matchaland Cafe?

Matchaland Cafe is located at Grand Indonesia, West Mall 6th Floor, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

We served food and beverages based on green tea with the finest quality.

Here’s our menu.

Matchaland’s Signature Matcha Lava Cake

matcha lava cake

The moist warm matcha cake with melted matcha sauce inside and served with one scoop of matcha ice cream with red bean and corn flakes. Do not say that you are matcha lover if you haven’t tried this one.

Matcha Tiramisu

matcha tiramisu

Coffee flavored moist cake meet matcha and vanilla cream, served with almonds on top. Can’t resist this one!

Matcha Velvet Cake

matcha velvet cake

Red velvet and blue velvet are so last year. Here in our store you can enjoy a new sensation of Matcha Velvet Cake. Matcha cake layered with vanilla cream, it definitely will made your day.

Matcha Pie

matcha pie

The crispy matcha-based crust outside and sugary matcha cake inside, served with sugar powder and blueberries on the top of it. Yummy!

Matcha Raspberry Cake

matcha raspberry chocolate mousse

If you want to have a sweet and sour sensation in your dessert, you should try this one. Matcha cake layered with raspberry cream and blueberry sauce in the middle of it. Tops with whipped cream and raspberry.

Matcha Soymilk Pudding

matcha soymilk pudding

The light taste of soymilk vla sauce meet matcha moist pudding tops with raspberry. One is never enough!

Matcha Mini Donuts

matcha mini donut

This little pieces of heaven are calling us. Matcha donuts served with dark-chocolate topping and candy frosting will make you want more and more! It’s so cute and delicious at the same time.

Matchaland’s Signature Mille Crepes

matcha mille crepes

Matcha thin layered crepes served with whipped cream and sugar. The matcha taste is so light yet creamy and melted in your mouth. Very recommended 🙂

Matcha Cupcakes

matcha cupcakes

Matcha cupcakes with raspberry cream frosting. Don’t forget to try this one!

Matcha Butter Cookies

matcha butter cookies

The crispiness of the butter cookies and the almond on the top of it will drive you nuts! Of course it’s matcha-flavored. Crunchylicious!

Matcha Whoopie Pie

matcha whoopie

Chocolate crumble pie and matcha cream inside is the perfect combination of your snack time!

Hot Matcha Latte


Enjoy our hot matcha latte, we used finest skimmed milk to make your hot matcha latte even better

Matcha Latte Blended


Matcha blended with milk, ice cream, and tops with whipped cream. Fresh, yummy, and healthy!

Visit our store and taste it by yourself. See you in our store. 🙂

Our Products

Enjoy our delicious-all green tea based-products!

We have:

  • Matcha Latte


  • Matcha Ice Cream Bar


  • Matcha Pudding


  • Matcha Jam


  • Matcha Wafer


  • Matcha Chocolate Bar


  • Matcha Mochi


  • Matcha Candy


  • Matcha Powder


Find our products at your nearest grocery stores, such as:

  • The Food Hall
  • Ranch Market
  • Kem Chick
  • Farmers Market
  • Lotte Mart
  • …and many more

We also have Matchaland Cafe

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Satisfy your need of our products in here. Matchaland Cafe is located at Grand Indonesia, West Mall 6th Floor, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Stay healthy with green tea!